Financial Management

Financial Management

We’ll help with the management and oversight of your business finances on your behalf.
Hospitality Alchemy

Experienced Financial Management.

Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Preparation Services.

Peace of Mind knowing a neutral third party is tracking your finances.

200+ Clients

Our Financial Management services are used by over 200 clients creating ease of bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.

Singular Point of Contact

You can contact your assigned Representative to ensure bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and all reconciliations are complete and accurate.

57% Average Savings

Many smaller coffee shop businesses add this responsibility to one of their managers that don’t have a financial background, we provide a better service for a lower cost.

Total Financial Management

Our experienced financial management staff specializes in coffee shop-related businesses. They understand how to exchange the data from your POS to your bookkeeping, just like they know how to manage your purchase orders with your inventory consumption. We provide total bookkeeping management, which provides managers and owners with financial insights from an app on their phones and a monthly executive summary. Our payroll service manages time recording, payroll taxes, and all State, Federal, unemployment, and court-ordered submissions.

Coffee shop businesses are frequent victims of embezzlement or petty theft. Leveraging our financial management service will help implement controls that prevent illegal activity without giving power to another party. We use systems that will pay your bills, issue your taxes, and monitor your bank account without giving our staff any authority to spend any of your money. Our staff will proactively answer your financial questions through monthly reports and notices of financial concerns. 

Our financial management service will reduce costs and improve your insight if you have one coffee shop business or a hundred.

Financial Management Services


Prices Starting at $400/month


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