Communication Management

Communication Management

Improve your communication funnel for clients while decreasing your costs.

Add communication funnels from your website, phones, social media, and Google Business page.

Never miss an attempt from a client to reach your business again regardless of the holidays or time of day.

Allow your staff to focus on delivering excellent customer service while our team handles the communication outside your store.

Every Communication Platform

Clients that use our communication service add platforms like web chat, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Google Business, and email to their communication mediums.

22% Increase Sales

When using our communication management service, clients noticed an increase of 22% in their overall sales because customers found them easier to communicate with 24/7/365

69% Average Savings

An employee could maintain the full-time job of monitoring all communication platforms or you can outsource to us for an average of 69% savings in communication costs.

Total Communication Management

Improved communication directly correlates to increased revenue for most businesses. Our Communication Management service provides a dedicated team to monitor every external means of communication for your business on your behalf for a low rate. If a customer calls your business, they might speak with you or an employee trying to juggle customers inside the business, or maybe the business is closed, and the call goes to voicemail instead. With our service, we’ll receive the phone call in less than two rings, any time of day and any day of the year, address the customer’s request, and consolidate the communication however necessary. Imagine being capable of receiving online orders 24/7 or having someone manage your reservations during your busiest time of day.

Our communication service extends well beyond phone calls. We’ll activate communication and monitor messages from every possible platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, LinkedIn, web chat, email, Google Business, snail mail, and anything else you can imagine. Younger customers expect to have the ability to engage businesses from any of the modalities mentioned earlier at any time of the day. Aside from funneling communication, we can also make outbound engagements. Leveraging our systems, you can engage customers via email, text, or social media because we’ll build customer relationships within a CRM for your ongoing marketing. Some groups outsource their snail mail to our organization by using a virtual address that scans, filters, and addresses all mail for your business, regardless of where you or your business are.

We’ve got you covered if you have internal staff and systems to handle most of the calls but you need a backup. Some phone systems allow you to send calls to us if they go unanswered after a few rings. Some email systems will enable us to access them simultaneously securely, and if we notice an email hasn’t been replied to in five hours, we’ll respond on your behalf. Some Owners prefer to manage their social media accounts but would happily delegate when they’re on vacation. Whatever your needs are, we can provide total coverage with our communication management service.

Communication Management Services


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